Alternative Energy Can Save Our Plant and Create Employment.

The interest/demand for energy to meet social and financial growth and improve human welfare and wellbeing is at large. Every community requires energy services to meet essential human needs such as cooking, communication, production, and mobility.

For a long period of time, the worldwide utilization of petroleum products has expanded to be at the top of the energy supply, raising the frequency and volume of carbon dioxide outflows with its devastating effects growing by each day. The world can become increasingly eco-friendly if countries adjust to and promote the use of cleaner and renewable energy sources.

The United Nations established its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 to address social and economic development issues related to rapid urban growth. One of which is providing affordable and clean energy.

The Nigeria we live in is filled with a very high urbanization rate, which means more gas and air pollution from industries, houses, and retail outlets. This gas emission, in turn, is killing the environment and affecting our climate.

As Real Estate Developers, it is our duty to provide greener, safer and serene homes with less noise, waste, and carbon-emitting equipment such as generators.

Besides having a clean environment to live in there are other positive impacts and benefits of renewable energy one of these benefits is the fact that it is an inexhaustible energy source. 

In comparison to conventional sources such as oil, gas, and coal, clean energies are always available as they originate from natural cycles.

Renewable also strengthens the economy and creates more jobs for citizens. Fossil fuel technologies are usually capital intensive and are more often than not mechanized, unlike the renewable energy industry which is more labor-intensive. Solar panels need humans to install them, what this means is that for every electricity unit generated by renewable sources more jobs would be created. 

In conclusion, the use of renewable energy would not only decrease pollution and create a cleaner environment but would also play a role in our society by creating more employment opportunities. Being labor-intensive, the system creates jobs for professionals who engage in installation and maintenance.


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