5 Myths About Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not a new concept as a lot of people own a business. There are so many rewarding experiences as well as downsides to this. However it is rather fascinating the myths that tend to spring forth every day, unfortunately, business owners are still subjected to these misconceptions on a regular basis. There are lots of very wrong myths out there about entrepreneurs that may be worthwhile for you to examine as you think about whether starting a business is right for you.

1. Entrepreneurs are born that way: It is funny how people believe that entrepreneurs are born that way; possess innate, genetic talents. However, this is not the case the truth is just like a skill you learn, almost anyone can learn and become an entrepreneur. Given adjusting to the demands of the role may be quick for some, but there is no rule that says only certain types of people can found companies. Entrepreneurship is a learned skill, not a natural-born ability.

2. Starting a new business guarantees freedom: The idea of leaving a 9-5 job is one reason why so many people rush to entrepreneurship; breaking the 40hiur work week tradition. One truth people fail to realise is that while they leave behind their old schedule and creative limitations, they exchange them for new demands. Do not get me wrong tho, there would be freedom but entrepreneurship requires great sacrifice. It can consume every part of your waking life; the work doesn’t end.

3. Entrepreneurs Are Loners and Introverts: Entrepreneurs might decide to work in solitude to ponder about new ideas but this is not often. A successful entrepreneur knows that he or she must draw on the experience and ideas of others in order to succeed. Entrepreneurs will actively seek the advice of others and will make many business contacts to validate their business ideas. The entrepreneur who is a loner and will not talk to anybody will never start a successful business.

4. Launching a company quickly leads to wealth: Properly timing the expansion of the company and sustaining growth are two of the entrepreneur’s biggest tasks. Given some companies are successful from the get-go but others might take a little longer. A number of entrepreneurs believe that starting a business will put them on the fast track to earning substantial amounts of money.

In this journey as an entrepreneur, there are so many myths we hear every day which is oftentimes never true. You don’t have to match the stereotype of an entrepreneur to be successful.


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