Teamwork: An Indispensable Tool for Organisational Growth

The success of every organization rests majorly on teamwork. Teamwork is the combined action of a group of people or intellectuals to achieve a common goal. It Is pivotal in every organization and its importance can never be over-emphasized. The need for effective teamwork is critical for any business.  If you lack the ability to work as part of a team,  being a master of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s world would not bring about success.

The essence of teamwork is to build a solid organization and improve employees’ performance. In every aspect of a business, the diverse skills of teams are needed for reaching success. Below are five reasons why teamwork matters in every organization:

1. Promotes problem solving: When a group of people comes together to achieve a particular goal or objective, it is done faster and more effectively. Teamwork is important because of the synergy gained from different minds working on a solution. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one head.” 

When an individual works on a particular task alone, that individual is relying solely on the knowledge and experiences gotten on their own. Working with a team brings their collective ideas together to generate a unique approach for dealing with problems.

2. Teamwork provides improved efficiency and productivity: Integrating teamwork strategies in the organization creates a more effective and productive working system. This is because it shares work evenly among team members reducing the pressure from a single individual ensuring the completion of tasks within stipulated time frames.

3. Teamwork provides great learning opportunities: Working in a team creates an avenue for learning. You minimize avoidable mistakes, acquire insights from different perspectives and open your mind to learning something new from more experienced colleagues.

Knowledge is not limited to the personal experiences of coworkers; employees from different departments may learn from each other contributing ideas and experiences from different perspectives for attaining set goals. This creates room for individuals to broaden their skill set, ascertain new innovative ideas from colleagues, thus, providing more effective approaches and solutions towards the tasks at hand. 

4. Improves Communication of Ideas: Teamwork rests majorly on effective communication within an organization. Individuals ordinarily may not share knowledge or new information when projects are handled independently. Lack of communication extends the time in which a task or a solution development would take. For instance, an employee may spend three hours battling with a problem that would have taken one hour or less if communication was initiated.

Irrespective of the task at hand, teamwork promotes conversation between employees regarding the task at hand, possibly preventing employees from working in opposite directions.

5. Teamwork motivates unity in the workplace: An organization that has teamwork as one of its core values promotes an atmosphere of loyalty and friendship. This close relationship acts as a motivator to employees pushing them to support one, be cooperative and work even harder.

 A working culture that lacks teamwork can face challenges in the achievement of a set goal and objective. Employees begin to compete against each other and promote their individual achievements. This in the long run can lead to an unhealthy inept working environment. When teamwork is involved the whole team would be motivated and working toward the same goal as one.

Teamwork is the essence of success in every organization. Whatever affects your team affects you as a leader and in turn, affects your organization. When you build an effective team as a leader, there would be no worries when a member of your team is unavailable. Leaders who focus on building an effective team can be said to possess a vision with a prescience mindset.


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