Mechanical Engineering to Real Estate

There are a lot of reasons people seek to deviate from their careers. Your career goals or values may have changed; you may have discovered new interests that you would like to incorporate into your job.
Sometimes it comes as a surprise when I tell people I studied Mechanical Engineering in my undergraduate days.

More often than not, people ask me why I chose my current career path.

Well, I developed this interest from my shoemaking days, I discovered that there was so much satisfaction in adding value to people’s lives, and one thing I enjoy is being around people and I appreciate platforms that enable people to showcase their talent and creativity.

For this reason, I chose real estate. There is an excellent opportunity in this sector to add value to people’s lives by helping them invest smartly in their future. Apart from investing in their future, there is also the aspect of providing shelter; a heaven people can call theirs. Housing isn’t just about somewhere to put people, it’s a deeper question about how you build a society of people.

Everyone has a story, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing right now, all that matters is the path that lies ahead.


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