Is Creativity the Same as Innovation?

There are a lot of arguments between innovation and creativity in terms of their similarities. Creativity and innovation are not one and the same but they complete one another. For a fact, one can not function without the other, each is required for workplace success. The main difference between creativity and innovation, however, is that creativity refers to conceiving a new idea whether a variation on an existing theme or something wholly original while innovation on the other hand involves converting that idea into a marketable product.

During the goal stage of your innovative program, creativity is paramount. Creativity is about unleashing the possibilities of the mind to conceive new ideas. However, Creativity doesn’t always run company inventions and growth; innovation does. However, innovation doesn’t happen without creative people on board.

Once an idea is possible, innovation tends to be an easier challenge for more players to achieve. Creativity is the novel step of being the first to identify that something might be possible in the first place. But innovation is the action of putting things into practical reality, despite challenges and resistance, rather than just contemplating. Both are necessary for the business, but only one of them translates to real revenue and profits.

Why is creativity important in business?

Innovation and creativity play a pivotal role in any organization. This is so because standard practices and business models change constantly, and eventually become obsolete. Most successful entrepreneurs come to realize this and excel at pursuing new opportunities. They’re problem-solvers by nature and are always seeking new solutions to everyday problems. Differentiation can never be over-emphasized and if you want to differentiate your product or service, creativity and innovation management are essential.

The most creative ideas are generated by connecting dots that most wouldn’t think to connect, driven by a keen understanding of what consumers truly want and need. Steve Jobs spoke about this in his famous commencement speech he said “Creative thinkers produce ideas by finding the relationship between facts. Facts merely on their own are useless until one sees the connection between them.”

Ideas are often produced when creative thinkers find relationships between facts. Whether there is a combination of ideas, materials, or knowledge, if you are able to create something which has not existed before, you are being creative. Ideas do not just connect on their own, you have to explore a little.

That’s why there’s a growing demand for skills like the creativity that can help propel human innovation to the next level.

That said, entrepreneurship depends on every day on creation and innovation to create unique opportunities, market disruption, and new revenue streams. The internet never would have happened if scientists just settled for phone lines and satellites being sufficient for communication


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