How to Help Your Employees Find Purpose in Their Work

Is money really a motivating factor when it comes to effective work? Those who go above and beyond see their role as contributing to the company in big or small ways. There are many ways to engage your employees, but few of them work as well as helping an employee find the purpose in their work.

Employees need to understand what they are bringing to the table that makes specific projects unique to them. If employees don’t find their purpose or meaning in their work, they’re less engaged. If you want to change their engagement, help them find their purpose.

1 Show them how specific tasks make the company better: If they fail to visualize the whole picture, it can sometimes feel meaningless to them.

When we can see farther than the task at hand to how our projects impact the company, the work takes on a new light. We understand how checking that box or making that note contributes to the wellness of our company. When the task’s importance is shown, it’s easier to remember, and its necessity is understood.

2. Recognize good work: Commending your employee when they perform excellently is not enough; you should go the extra mile by showing them how the said activity added to the company positively. Announcing in meetings how the said employee performed and sharing the customers’ feedback would give them a boot in their confidence and also serve as a motivating factor for other employees

3. Tell them the company’s purpose: Every company that exists today exists for a specific reason, but do your employees know about this reason? When employees know the company’s purpose, and why it exists and sees their leaders living that purpose, they feel encouraged to do a better job and align their work with the company vision.

4. Help them make goals that align with the company purpose: Collaborating with your employees and helping them set work goals helps accelerate its purpose. They begin to feel less of employees but more like an integral part of the company. They know they’re working on making their workplace better and strengthening the company goals, and they know they alone are responsible for it.

Assisting your employees in discovering their purpose in their work does not benefit the employee but also the company. It strengthens their work, motivates them, and gives them a bit more to love about the place where they work.


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