4 Ways to Beat Procrastination as an Entrepreneur

Procrastination is a human tendency, and it affects the best of us. Our mind likes to feel relaxed, and it gets difficult to begin a task or focus on a task.

Procrastination worsens when we are faced with an obstacle or a challenge that might seem hard to overcome. However, the truth about procrastination is that as we push these pending tasks aside, it causes anxiety and additional stress, especially if we’re in a rush when we finally get around to doing the task.

Conquering procrastination builds your mental strength and allows you to use your time better to improve yourself and grow your business. Over the course of my career as an entrepreneur, there are a few things that I have done to overcome the habit of procrastination. Below are four tips to beat procrastination.

1. Have a to-do list: Before you commence your activities for the day, endeavor to have a list of the day’s goals. This is a true method to keep procrastination at bay and keep you on track. It is said that once you can see your tasks written down, it provides you with a sense of responsibility and drives you to complete your tasks.

2. Utilize short time blocks: Rather than allocating a particular time to a task, it would be advisable to break these tasks into smaller chunks. Take notes of the time it took you to complete a said task, set the alarm or a timer if you have to. You may be surprised how much you can accomplish when the task doesn’t seem quite as big and overwhelming.

3. Stop looking for perfection: It is good to aim for perfection; however, focusing solely can affect your productivity. Tweaking and altering your project endlessly is not going to make you happy with the result. Once you complete a task and it is the best you can do, it’s good enough. Wrap it up and move to the next task.

4. Find the right environment: One of the most readily available excuses for a procrastinator is that they aren’t in the best physical space to get their work done. Remove that from the equation entirely by taking some personal inventory and figuring out where you are most productive. Do you need complete silence, upbeat music, natural light, a snack before you get going? Assemble all the things you need and quiet those doubts.

Falling into the trap of procrastination is simple; however, endeavor not to stay there. Over the next couple of days, I’ll give useful tips to help overcome procrastination.


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